Procedure to help people release anger

1. Sit quietly for 5 minutes.

2. Allow yourself to focus either on the feeling of anger, or on the object of your anger.

3. At the same time, tap using the palm of your right hand over the base of your rib cage, on the front right hand-side of your body.

4. Continue tapping until you feel calm.

5. If possible, try to identify the feeling in you which has triggered this anger eg.

Feeling hurt
Feeling inadequate
Feeling let down
Feeling used etc.

6. Know that you cannot feel any of the above unless you choose the corresponding negative thought which in turn creates that feeling.

7. Identify the positive thought which will create a more positive feeling – thus eliminating the need to be angry.

8. Accept that anger is not only destructive to the body, but anger itself just attracts more anger into your life.

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