Procedure to help people to drop their limiting beliefs

1. Identify areas of your life which you would like to improve, for example:

Social life
Time management

2. Identify any negative beliefs you have in relation to these areas of your life.

3. With each of these negative beliefs, do the following:

i. Think about the limiting belief, and say to yourself ‘Where will I be in 5 years time with this belief?’
ii. Now say to yourself, ‘Where will I be in 5 years time if I drop this belief?’
iii. Identify the new positive belief.
iv. Know that you can choose to have the positive belief.
v. To help you incorporate this positive belief into your being – do the following:

Repeat the positive belief 20 times to yourself while tapping on the pad of one of your thumbs.

vi. Know that the energy of this new belief will attract the improvement in your life which you want and deserve.

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