Procedure to help people understand why all individuals are doing the best they can!

1. Sit quietly for 5 minutes.

2. All individuals have within them the potential to be able to enjoy their life, in a way that also helps others to do the same around them. However, this potential may become masked. This potential is always there in every human being. Sometimes the body becomes immersed in negative memories which block access to this potential. These negative memories have a powerful hold on the body, and feel as if they are part of our being. These memories distort our view of life – causing everyone to view situations in life differently.

3. The following procedure will help an individual to understand others behaviour patterns:

i) Allow yourself to focus on another’s perceived negative behaviour.

ii) At the same time, using the palm of your dominant hand, tap on the upper arm of the opposite side of the body, just below the shoulder, for 1 minute.

4. Now review your feelings about this pattern of behaviour.

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