Procedure to help people to understand their need to be right!

1. Sit quietly for 5 minutes.

2. The body as it goes through life experiences stresses, which it records. These memories act like a filter around our body influencing our reactions to situations later in life. Everyone views the world through their filter and interprets situations according to their memories of previous experiences. This is why everyone feels right - because they are right - based on their experience of life. However the same situation can be viewed in multiple ways all of which feel right for that individual.

3. To find out if your perspective of a situation is coming from your wisdom, or from your previous memories, do the following procedure:

i) Allow yourself to focus on the matter being discussed.

ii) At the same time, using all the fingertips of your dominant hand, tap the centre of your chest in the middle of your breastplate for 1 minute.

4. Now review your interpretation of the situation, it may be the same, or it may not.

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