'Simply Positive'
with Maggie Dewis & Vivien Clere Green



  • -         How can I help myself & my family to have fewer worries?
  • -         What do I need to know to safeguard my health?
  • -         How do I influence the happenings in my life?
  • -         What has the life I create to do with my health?


‘Simply Positive’ is a new, profoundly life-changing course which focuses on helping people to take control of their lives.  The course is conducted in a non-intrusive manner as it is entirely channelled to you and your specific needs.  This will leave you comfortable and confident to make the changes to your life that you need to make a real difference without your worries and concerns being made public.


Maggie and Vivien will share with you – extremely easily – the knowledge they have gained from years of experience working in the field of complementary medicine.   The material presented in the course is so simple that it can be taught to a 7-year old.

This course is open to everbody, whether clients of Maggie or not, and, since it is a totally new course and with a second speaker, previous attendees are encouraged as well as newcomers.

Joining instructions, a map of the appropriate venue, and detailed directions will be sent with confirmation of booking.  Please bring paper, pencil a bottle of water with you. 

  For further details, please ring or e-mail Marion, Practice Manager, 'Field View Wellness Centre',  Plummers Road, Fordham, Nr COLCHESTER, Essex, CO6 3NP

Tel: 01206 240 996

Maggie Dewis

Angel Healing Practitioner & Kinesiologist 

Maggie has over 12 years experience of running a busy Kinesiology practice based in the village of Fordham, Colchester , in her own home.  She enjoys treating all age groups and all kinds of ailments knowing that the root cause of dis-ease is frequently related to stored stresses in the body.


Maggie’s main focus as a practitioner has been to learn more about how a body becomes sabotaged by negative stress energy patterns which undermine one’s ability to heal and stay healthy.


The result of this experience is now to be shared with others in the form of the ‘Simply Positive’ course.  Maggie explains in an extremely simple way – the functioning of the body’s energy system, as it relates to our thinking and our ability to stay free of stresses – past and present.  Much of this information is new and original work and as yet is not common knowledge.


The ‘Simply Positive’ course gives you NEW, extremely simple procedures which are profound in helping you to clear past stresses from the body, and give you a tool to help you cope with daily stresses.  These procedures are safe and self-regulating, your own body always being in control of your healing.


Maggie’s work has been guided by the Angelic realm to this point in time – to help the individual to access more understanding about themselves and to give the individual the ability to control a considerable proportion of their own body imbalances – easily and effectively.


The ‘Simply Positive’ course content is entirely channelled - and as such is a gift to humanity waiting to be received by you!


Vivien Clere Green

Bio-regulatory Medicine Practitioner & Author


Vivien has over 30 years experience working in the complementary health field, including her publication of Wellness Our Birthright which focuses on a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth for both mother and baby.  Her knowledge of the energy functioning of the body includes Shiatsu, Reflexology, Homotoxicology and Bio-regulatory Medicine.

Vivien is also highly skilled in the field of astrology and has a wide knowledge of the Angelic realm.  She has a passion for a deeper understanding of the Universe and its effect on human functioning.


Vivien has worked with Maggie for four years, helping to channel new information to further our understanding of how our bodies become sabotaged.  This work has resulted in the development of the ‘Simply Positive’ course material.







Since attending the course I have not looked back, my confidence just seems to keep growing and I feel truly alive.  I accept situations as they are and can much more readily get on with life.  I have lived most of my life being fearful of the 'what ifs' and now know I am capable of dealing with anything that life brings.  It was a wonderfully empowering course and I would recommend it to anyone as a great tool to help fulfil their true potential.      Debbie B.

The course has completely changed my attitude to life in an extremely positive way.  I feel much more in tune with my body and my feelings, and can in turn empathise more with the people in my life.  I feel much more grounded and excited about the possibilities the future holds, and feel that truly anything is achievable.  I would thoroughly recommend this course, as it offers a means of restoring your body's natural balance and rhythms, and will leave you feeling renewed and excited about the boundless possibilities of life.  Thank you!     Liz, mother of 2

Having been treated so successfully by Maggie, I was keen to learn more about keeping myself well.  This course has been so inspirational and uplifting.  It is wonderful to be given the tools to help with life's many difficult situations so that my health is no longer compromised.  It is amazing how people around me have become so much easier to get along with!  To live a life free of negativity and accumulated stresses is something that everyone should have access to.  This course does exactly that.           Paula, mother of 2


Eye opening and life enhancing.  The stresses and strains of life and work were taking their toll on the body and mind; I wanted to find something that would help but that didn't involve outward expression or medication.  Being a person who relies a little too much on control and always over-analyses behaviours and responses, the techniques Maggie has passed on have helped me do just that, but rather than reaching out for control I am looking in and, for the first time in many, many years, I like what I see - me!  This is not a cliché, I promise, they are great for the confidence and self-esteem, there's nothing intrusive or embarrassing nor extroverted, just life enhancing techniques that you can quietly incorporate into your day to day, and when you're feeling great, you can share them with friends and family.     Julia


After reaping the benefits of Maggie's one-to-one Kinesiology treatment sessions, with both friends and family observing my increased levels of energy and experiencing such a change in me, I wanted to be able to maintain the positivity.  This course has given me tools to use to remain free of accumulated stresses and to enjoy a relaxed yet fulfilling lifestyle.  I look forward to experiencing a continued sense of wellbeing as I become more and more familiar with using the tools I've been given.     Cyndi

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