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Jack is doing amazingly well and is a transformed character from when I first came to see you with him. He is calm, happy and peaceful and definitely more aware of what is going on around him. He doesn’t seem to be trapped in a numb little bubble any more and is just so lovely to be with. Life is so much easier, better than I ever imagined it would be (to most people though, this would probably be classed as ‘normal’ life!). He is no longer aggressive towards me and can hear me when I talk to him. Sometimes he’s tired and a bit grumpy but this is totally normal and nothing to do with his previous anger!

I will keep you posted how he gets on – it will be just brilliant if his new found inner peacefulness allows him to learn without barriers and actually enjoy it. Jack is much warmer physically now too, hugs me and others and lets me hold his hand sometimes.

He still isn’t dry at night (we’ve continued to use ‘pull –ups’ as wet beds everyday weren’t really helping) but I hope within time this will change. I still use the exercise you showed me and I KNOW it really makes a difference – mentally for me it’s good as I know there’s something I can do to help too.

Regarding myself, I just feel so much happier because Jack’s great. A big weight has come off my mind/shoulders because of it. I feel much stronger in myself and am much more able to deal with difficult situations and people. I definitely feel more positive about life! I have also booked a journey with your daughter in June which I’m very much looking forward to.
Lucy, mother of Jack  top of page

We just wanted to thank you so much for your help with Trent. You worked your magic, and now we have a happy and content baby, and even better we're getting a full nights sleep. If any new problems occur we will be straight in contact with you. We won't hesitate to recommend you to others in need.
Layla, mother of Trent  top of page

Thank you for all your help, especially with our little joy Ellie. We will forever be grateful.
Monica, mother of Ellie  top of page

Must just let you know that I am doing things that I have never been confident enough to do, I am absolutely amazing myself. I seem to have a new outlook on life and am really enjoying it. These things are only simple but were a block to me.
Judi, aged 64  top of page

Thank you so much for the treatment you gave me. I can't tell you how much better I feel. It is as if you have given me permission to let the past go. It is as if you have got insight into peoples minds, you just know without asking questions. Thank you so much for helping my daughter and the granchildren too.
Lady, aged 60+  top of page

Maggie has given me my life back and I can't thank her enough. I had suffered with ME for 7 years when I first went to see Maggie and was very unwell. I had tried various treatments over the years, including homeopathy, reflexology and Chinese medicine, unsuccessfully. Within 15 months of that first appointment with Maggie I was skiing in Switzerland. In addition to the physical healing, Maggie has also healed me mentally and emotionally and given me peace of mind - a feeling I had long forgotten. Maggie has also treated my children very successfully. I highly recommend everyone to see her.
Paula, mother of 2  top of page

We cannot thank you enough. You have been the only professional to listen and work with me through all of this. The only one to treat all of me, not just different parts. The specialist does not see a connection to any other ailments I had. They do not treat the whole person, I do not think they know how. I highly recommend you and thanks again.
Beth, 36 year old mother of 2  top of page

I visited you a week ago. After two days, my energy levels increased - so much so that I cleaned my house thoroughly for the first time in ages! I now get up early most days, and go out a lot - something I had stopped doing. My negativity has gone, and people tell me that I'm a lot happier.
Mother in her late 50s  top of page

Thank you for all the work you have done with my son. The lunch issue is resolved - he has really gained in confidence. His teacher has commented on his change in attitude, which is much more positive. He performed beautifully in his school play and said his lines clearly and loudly - he was so proud of himself! It has made an enormous difference. Thank you so much.
Mother of two children, her son being 5 years old  top of page

When I visited Maggie suffering from unpleasant stomach pains, I had not before consulted a professional kinesiologist. For me, the whole process has proven to be simple, reassuring and a startling success. With the help of Maggie's assessment and treatment, and following her recommendations about making straightforward changes to my diet and lifestyle, I feel fully recovered. I cannot thank you enough for your help. It is marvellous to feel that I can contact you in the future about any other health problems. May I wish you both the very best of health yourselves. Thank-you.
Married man in his late 40s  top of page

I feel fantastic! The mineral complex and calcium tablets have really taken effect and I have to say that I feel really quite different. It took a month for the tablets to really "kick in", but now I am calmer, happier and have very few mood swings. My skin and nails look better and I have much more energy. Thank you very much. I highly recommend you!
Woman in her mid 20s  top of page

There is a definite improvement in Gavin. His outlook on life seems to be much more positive and he is much calmer than he was. Thank you very much for all your help so far.
Mother  top of page

Georgina visited you last October for Kinesiology because of her continual cystitis. I am now pleased to tell you that your treatment and advice worked wonderfully. She kept off sugar for about two months and I would now say that she is 99% improved. Occasionally, she has a slight feeling, but nothing like before. She has reintroduced sugar but is careful - actually she has lost her sweet tooth! It is so nice not to see her in pain every month. Thanks again.
Mother of two children top of page

My daughter had always suffered with severe throat infections and at seven she had her tonsils removed. After that, she suffered bout after bout of painful ear infections and she still had the sore throats! When she was eleven, she had a knee problem and eventually she underwent keyhole surgery to rectify the problem. Then, of course, she had reached puberty and this brought extremely painful periods which made her, on occasion, physically sick. Inevitably, she missed lots of time from school with a combination of all of the above.

At the age of fifteen, she appeared to get another ear/throat infection, but instead of getting better after a few days, as was the norm, she appeared to be getting lower and lower. She had taken the obligatory antibiotics but the ear ache, sore throat, aching knees and general malaise didn't go away. She was missing so much school - she would have a few days in bed, go to school and then go back to bed again. The doctors didn't know what was wrong, thought maybe she had a virus, but after several long months, we were told she had the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Our poor daughter was missing out educationally, but most of all socially. It seemed like life was passing us by as she spent so much time trapped in her bedroom. It was a very lonely time for us all and we didn't know where to turn for help. We were referred to a paediatrician who wanted to admit her to hospital! Quite frankly, that would have been the worst thing for her. All she had at that time was the love of her family, but that is the usual procedure. We refused and began to look for holistic help.

That was our turning point. We started with reflexology, which is a fantastically helpful therapy, but we needed something else. The reflexologist suggested we try kinesiology, which we had never heard of, but I came straight home to make her first kinesiology appointment with Maggie. During her first appointment, I initially felt a little sceptical as I watched Maggie at work, but slowly my chin dropped lower and lower with incredulity. By the end of the first appointment, Maggie had given us hope. She said that before Holly could begin to recover, she would have to release toxins from her body, and that this would make her worse for a time but that then her recovery would begin. Maggie also told us that this would happen around a certain time, and it did! Six weeks later, as Maggie had predicted, Holly became markedly worse, and I phoned Maggie for reassurance. She was a voice to believe in. There was nobody else and I put all my faith in her work.

Maggie was able to tell us how many treatments she would need to make all the adjustments necessary to put her fully on the road to good health. Can you imagine how reassuring this was, and coupled with the nutrients and supplements that Maggie had given her, at last we were doing something positive to get our daughter well. She now has a full life. She started slowly - six months at home, but in good health, enjoying the summer, and waiting for a fresh start at a college in the September. Three days a week at first, with the occasional setback, especially in the winter months, but then college AND a part time job.

Now she has qualified as a beauty therapist, which is what she wanted to do, is working full time, has a busy social life, a nice boyfriend, lots of friends, is learning to drive, and is out clubbing most Saturdays, like any healthy eighteen year old. Three years ago, I wouldn't have thought it possible. With your help at restoring her self-esteem and confidence, and with a new start at another school, she is doing brilliantly - captain of netball, running the colouring club in lunch-breaks, and recently taken up the flute (and apparently, according to the teacher - a natural), and full of smiles and chats - you wouldn't know it was the same child! Thank you so much, Maggie.
Mother of teenage daughter  top of page

I have had a 13-week scan - my baby looks thriving, beautiful and intact in every organ. We are just so grateful for your help and support throughout my pregnancy, as well as the period leading up to it. I feel so well and strong and know I won't now panic. Thank you SO much for all your help.
Pregnant mother top of page

We are getting extremely good results back from school. Our son's concentration is very much better, and the way he has settled into his class is excellent - he is even being put up to the next higher maths group in the class. We are extremely pleased, which is brilliant, so thank you VERY much.
Father of teenage boy top of page

I am really amazed - after my treatment by you, I have given up smoking. Thank you so much.
Woman her early 20s top of page

My first visit to Maggie for Kinesiology treatment was three months ago and I was very surprised and pleased with the results. I had been suffering from a sore throat and swollen glands for five weeks, had stomach problems, and was generally very tired.

Maggie identified several allergies, some of which I could relate to. I agreed to avoid certain foods for several weeks, change the cleaning products I use, and return in two months' time for Maggie to check on my progress and continue any further treatment necessary. Towards the end of my first treatment, I felt immediate effect when Maggie held her hands over my head and stomach to clear the energy fields, my body felt as though it was getting lighter - a floating feeling - strange but very relaxing, as though all the weight in my body had disappeared. I returned home feeling energetic and enthusiastic about getting better in the future.

My energy levels increased over the next few weeks and I cleared out cupboards and carried out cleaning that was well over-due! When I returned to see Maggie, her tests confirmed that various aspects had improved, as I had hoped and expected. I felt this second treatment was necessary to put the 'finishing touches' in place, and now I feel less stressed, more calm and relaxed generally.

Maggie had made me think differently, problems and difficult situations seem easier to face and deal with as I am more relaxed. I also try to find time for myself. I am naturally an active, organised person and now feel more calm generally, whilst still leading a very active and busy life.
Grandmother in her 60s  top of page

Thank you for stopping my smoking. As I drove to my (one) appointment with you, I chain-smoked all the way. On my way home, however, I threw away a three-quarters-full packet of cigarettes! Not only have I not smoked a single cigarette over the four weeks since my appointment, but more importantly, I have not had a single craving for one. You are just so brilliant. Thank you so much, not only from me but also from my long-suffering husband.
Mother in her 60s  top of page

Simply Positive

Since attending the course I have not looked back, my confidence just seems to keep growing and I feel truly alive. I accept situations as they are and can much more readily get on with life. I have lived most of my life being fearful of the 'what ifs' and now know I am capable of dealing with anything that life brings. It was a wonderfully empowering course and I would recommend it to anyone as a great tool to help fulfill their true potential.
Debbie top of page

The course has completely changed my attitude to life in an extremely positive way. I feel much more in tune with my body and my feelings, and can in turn empathise more with the people in my life. I feel much more grounded and excited about the possibilities the future holds, and feel that truly anything is achievable. I would thoroughly recommend this course, as it offers a means of restoring your body's natural balance and rhythms, and will leave you feeling renewed and excited about the boundless possibilities of life. Thank you!
Liz, mother of 2  top of page

Having been treated so successfully by Maggie, I was keen to learn more about keeping myself well. This course has been so inspirational and uplifting. It is wonderful to be given the tools to help with life's many difficult situations so that my health is no longer compromised. It is amazing how people around me have become so much easier to get along with! To live a life free of negativity and accumulated stresses is something that everyone should have access to. This course does exactly that.
Paula, mother of 2  top of page

Eye opening and life enhancing. The stresses and strains of life and work were taking their toll on the body and mind; I wanted to find something that would help but that didn't involve outward expression or medication. Being a person who relies a little too much on control and always over-analyses behaviours and responses, the techniques Maggie has passed on have helped me do just that, but rather than reaching out for control I am looking in and, for the first time in many, many years, I like what I see - me! This is not a cliche, I promise, they are great for the confidence and self-esteem, there's nothing intrusive or embarrassing nor extroverted, just life enhancing techniques that you can quietly incorporate into your day to day, and when you're feeling great, you can share them with friends and family.
Julia  top of page

The Simply Positive course appeared in my life when I needed it most. The saying when the student is ready, the teacher will come, applies here. I had been positive most of my life, but as one thing after another kept happening I got lower and lower. I spent 8 years that low, thinking this is how life is. Then it started to effect my health. My family was also following me down that slope. I knew I needed something to help me move past the low I was in. Out of the blue, I got a Simply Positive flyer and signed both me and my husband up for it. Maggie taught us life changing techniques to pull us up and move us on. I had lost confidence in myself and my decisions, and in people around me. Taking Simply Positive taught me how to get that back, forever. I will never be in that low place again. I knew this was something I wanted to teach my children. I took my 18 year old daughter to Maggie's next course, to learn those techniques at such a young age - for life - is amazing. Thank you Maggie, you changed everything.
Beth, 36 year old mother of 2  top of page

After reaping the benefits of Maggie's one-to-one Kinesiology treatment sessions, with both friends and family observing my increased levels of energy and experiencing such a change in me, I wanted to be able to maintain the positivity. This course has given me tools to use to remain free of accumulated stresses and to enjoy a relaxed yet fulfilling lifestyle. I look forward to experiencing a continued sense of wellbeing as I become more and more familiar with using the tools I've been given.
Cyndi  top of page

I found the Simply Positive course very powerful and a shortcut to learning important de-stressing techniques. Also a lot of information seemed to get absorbed without me being totally conscious of it until an event took place which made me think... I see how/why that has happened! Maggie has a wonderful way of communicating new ideas in the most down-to-earth manner which is really effective.
Lady artist, 50 years old top of page

Having attended the Simply Positive course as support for my wife, I would recommend the course for almost anyone, whether they have problems or not. The course has certainly changed the way I think and do things and has improved my wellbeing. I don't get stressed out as much as I used to and am able to tolerate others more. Overall I would not hesitate in recommending this course to others.
Gentleman, 61 years old  top of page

The Journey

I approached my first journey with some trepidation. Would I be able to go through the layers? What if a memory didn?t come up? What if I was no good at it? Three amazing hours later I knew my fears were ungrounded and that without forcing anything I had made one if not the most important journeys of my life. For the first time in twenty years last weekend I gave my mother a voluntary cuddle, I looked forward to seeing her, I can talk about her without barriers. I gave myself a gift the day I booked my appointment with Debbie and I give her my heartfelt thanks for leading me through my memories with such patience and compassion. I can?t wait until the next one!
Karen Wallace  top of page

Around the time my mother died I realised that my childhood had not really been a happy time for me. I felt that I needed to come to terms with this as I couldn?t stop thinking about ?why?? I talked to Debbie Dewis about journey therapy and soon decided to try it for myself. After my journey (with Debbie as my guide) I felt so much better, had things in perspective and felt able to move on and start to live my own life for myself. Hopefully another journey in itself.
Janet Matthews top of page

I had read Brandon?s book and had even tried to ?do a journey? myself with the aid of her CD, so I guess I thought I had a good idea of what doing a journey was all about?
Well to say I was amazed by what happened would be no understatement, I never knew I had such a blockage, and how much of a release the journey would give me.

It's been about 6 weeks now, and the feeling of freedom has not only stayed but has got deeper. The major benefit to me is the fact that my mind is quiet, it no longer is ?rushing about? looking for answers, it is fantastic, PEACE at last. I have been able in the last 6 weeks to make so much progress, none of which would have been possible without your expert help. To say thank you seems so inadequate, but THANKYOU. I just wish many more people would try a journey, I know they would benefit so much.
Steve  top of page

With Debbie's help my first journey was a valuable experience. I was able to exorcise a demon from the past and now look to tackle the present and future in a more positive way. I feel I have had an emotional spring clean, got rid of the dust and let the sunshine in!
Anonymous  top of page

Since completing two journey sessions with Debbie I no longer fear the dark. It is dark outside my house and I am not bothered. I am not even lonely when I come home at night to an empty house anymore. I see the people who had a great hold over me in a different light. I do not see them as strong, I see myself as much stronger. I can listen to people without influence and I am taking control for myself. I am on a journey and I am learning fast. I feel strong. I know deep down that I have no real worries and that I will deal with events when they happen rather than deal with the threat of them happening. I look forward and do not want to look back. I hope the future is a bright one for me!
Lea top of page

Following a session with Debbie, my memories of being a child, hard as they were, have now been put into a filing cabinet of my mind ? always there for reference but no longer something to worry about. I am very glad I came to see you!
Ivy  top of page

Bowen Technique

After just a few weeks, I feel significantly better than over the past few years. My acute pain has gone completely. I feel much better both physically and mentally . I am also much more alert now.
Mrs Mirta Sadler top of page

I had tried most treatments for a painful neck, shoulder and back, so when my physio suggested the bowen technique it was with great scepticism that I gave it a try. I went for my first treatment which consisted of a series of moves of gentle rolling actions. When it was over I thought it was a waste of time, but persevered.
As a result I have seen great improvement in the movement in my neck and shoulders, and it has maintained. I recommend this to anybody with an ongoing pain or ache!
Karen  top of page

In November 2003 I suffered a stroke and, whilst I had made a lot of progress through regular treatments, such as physiotherapy. I had been left with pins and needle effects and also was often very unsteady on my feet and had giddy spells.

I decided to try bowen therapy and can only say how impressed I am, by both the methodology and the results. Debbie I found was a caring and conscientious therapist and, in very few sessions, had already found a vast improvement in my health, which has improved my quality of life enormously. This year I have been able to spend prolonged periods of time in my garden, a main source of activity for me.

I would definitely recommend Debbie and the Bowen treatment to anyone and, should I require any further treatment in the future, I would not look elsewhere.
June Whittear  top of page

I have had severe shoulder problems for 2 ˝ years. I have had 2 lots of surgery and been referred to Addenbrooke's because Colchester really couldn't figure out what to do for the best!

Further surgery was suggested to cut the muscle, which I was not at all keen on. A friend suggested Bowen therapy. I was sceptical, but to be honest would've hung upside down from a barrage balloon if I'd have thought it would help!

I thought I'd give it a go, not expecting anything as I had already had lots of physiotherapy and acupuncture as well.

After only 2 sessions I began to notice a difference. I had greater movement with less pain! I didn't understand why or how it was working, but didn't care, it was. After 4 sessions now my shoulder is so much better I have to keep reminding myself that I can do things! I have even started attending the gym again! Thus after 2 ˝ years of hell, not being able even to hang out the washing.

As I say I do not understand why or how this works, all I know is that for me it has and I wished I'd tried it years ago!
Kamella Thompson  top of page

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